Where Does David Beckham Stand?


The man who has represented England’s National Soccer team for the past decade will get one more chance to play for the squad. Coach Fabio Capello has called on Beckham to come play even after announcing that Beckham’s international career was over.

David Beckham is currently the leader in all time caps for England’s National Team. He’s made 115 appearances for the squad throughout his years. He missed this previous World Cup in South Africa as a player because of an injury, but they still brought him along because of his influence on the current players.

As Beckham gets back to full health, it doesn’t seem like England will need Beckham to qualify for the European Championships in 2012. However, Capello is doing the right thing by giving him a chance to player another international game. The fans will love it!

Capello told the public that he would be brining Beckham to play, so he can say goodbye. He’s hoping that Beckham can do this at Wembley as it’s the perfect place to say goodbye. Capello also made it very clear that he won’t be using Beckham in any competitive games 먹튀검증.

Clearly Beckham is getting older and it shows on the field. He’s still a great leader on the field, but he’s obviously slowed down a bit. More importantly, Capello needs to find the right guys to move forward and improve.

Capello also made it clear that he hasn’t talked with Beckham regarding this matter. I’m confident they’ve had some sort of discussion regarding his future, so I can’t imagine Beckham will be surprised. England has to make some changes and can’t live in the past anymore.

The first one to react to Capello’s statements was Beckham’s agent. He basically confirmed that David Beckham has no plans to retire at the moment.

Beckham’s agent said that when David is fit, he’s ready and available to play for England. He also confirmed they haven’t even discussed retirement, so he’s probably hoping to make the 2012 squad. As a fan, I’d love to see him out there but I don’t think he’s their answer at this point in his career.

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